“Songs Of Southside And Pinecrest*”

October 1, 2018)

old schools with old rules

big back yards in which to hide

penmanship a pain


(Southside and Pinecrest were two of the three elementary schools in which I was incarcerated in Sanford, Florida, upon my release under inauspicious clouds from a similar -but oh-so-decidedly-delightfully different – house of detented-learning in Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada.  No suspense: I really did prefer Westside Elementary where I hid from December to June of my Second Grade – with but a two-week return to Southside as Sanford’s ever-changing school borders expanded and shrunk and expanded again.  Thank Deity for public libraries. Though, at Pinecrest I did learn a library existed there as well and either for punishment or praise – both methods worked – I got sent there to avoid my usual antics in class giving others cause for hope. I can not now recall whether it was Mrs. Ratliff or Miss Lundquist who so banished me and a few other miscreants to “read a book and write a two page report for tomorrow: you guys already know this stuff and I don’t need J jumping all around…”)

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