One thought on “The great snuffie trek home

  1. I found this on the United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association site – wordpress, facebook, etc., on twitter. I know these guys…not personally and not even close, perhaps except for this hulking great guy who intruded on hazy night at Combat Correspondents Orientation Course at Camp Pendleton California. My Hawaii Mairne buddy Bruce Jewett who had been transferred to CamPen prior to my arrival, had me over to the CC’s old brig main offices for something of a farewell party and the guy I figgured had just returned from The Nam and a few of his pals were regalling all with tales and tantalizes and all I could think of was: “This is the sumbitch who’s been hogging all my time in The War with his greedy galumphing off into The Bush ways?” He was a snuffie then but he had the mien of officership even then. This tale is worth the read for any who served, especially Marine, and especially any who walked near, far, behind or even in some cases before point to catch a picture or capture a story be they Marine, soldier or what. But especially for the Numbers beginning Oh-Three!
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