4 thoughts on ““Not A Problem”

  1. First store I tried meat department – what? No Longer Butchers? Alas: big lack – said “we no longer carry them.” Poor foot-loose fowl: none to carry them…he’s not heavy, he’s my pullet! refrains away in background. Second store said none in stock and none expected. My favorite asst. mgr. at this store the day before transferred to a bigger – thus, better – samestore15 miles away. Next day after I had substituted backs and my freezer-stash of wing-tips, I checked the selfsame store as is my wont for on-sale unadvertised items and – high and be-held! – what do I spy but packages of leggless and torso-less chicken walkarounders! ‘Nuff to make a groan man drink! And I did.

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  2. That’s why I have several well- sharpened and -balanced cleavers. One for de-footing fowl and one for… (but I do want to get a few of those nifty oriental vegetable clever-thingees. My best is the Chinese chop-anything my sister-in-law Lin gifted my mother. Her daughter gets it when I fight my last chicken.


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