“Oh, Chore Me!”

(September 15, 2018)

one-and-half pages

to fill ‘fore I can open

the next “jumbo”* book


  • (I try to buy in bulk, but I have grown (groan!) lax of late: the newest “Jumbo Little Note Books” now come in dietary delights – 180 pages vice the 200-page tomes fit for back pockets and backpacks worldwide.  Like chocolate candy bars weaned of weight. I reached well back in the bin of the newly re-priced books ($1 in lieu of $1.35, so that’s something of a win, no?) and find the last surviving 200-pager Jumbo Little Notebook! Caloo! Callay!  And I get charged a buck for it instead of the loftier price!  Now I must go ’round to the other outlets of the same kind and see if they have similar orphans awaiting my good hands.)

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