“In Reply To A ‘Closed Comment*”

(September 17, 2018)

your midges make glad

my day when they fall from grace

or just a touched leaf*



your midges make glad

my day when they fall (from grace)

or just a touch’d leaf


  • (A reblogged #2103 – by me – Bruce Jewett haiku elicited a few replies but I was away and had not time to respond to The Good Lance Coolie (Corporal) who is at fault for many things and I’ve not enough time to thank him more fully.  One man’s snowfall is another’s shower of midges shaken from formerly still leaves.  And neither needs a crystal five-and-dime globe encapsulating either dream.  Thanks, “Juice.”)

One thought on ““In Reply To A ‘Closed Comment*”

  1. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:

    second version of the Bruce Jewett-inspired haiku (with comments closed in my absence from WP – I think is the better of my two to you, BC. Be well, I have a receipt to touch-finish: I flee!


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