“Walked Dogs ‘Do’ On First* Street”

(September 7, 2018)

most- pooped and pissed

‘pon street before business day:

Not talkin’ homeless!


*(A steady just-before both sunrise and business day openings, a parade of walked dogs deposit both liquid and solid benevolences upon our small city’s (now about 60,000 souls but when first I came it was closer to 6,000 in the mid-1950s) First Street environs.  Some pooches – almost all on chi-chi leashes towing towering owners of all descriptions – prefer the flower beds – for both activities – others separate the chores ‘twixt lamp posts and suchlike and scrunch down between boxwood mini-hedgings and one wag just let’er-rip right on the ‘crete: I con you not.  That good dog’s sainted lady was the only one I saw with a scooper and a plastic bag, which bag was deposited not in an unavailable specific-use can but in the two-legs’ own trash depositories.  One possibly could gain a Masters if not a Doctorate in poop- or piss-ology just across the street from the daily parade.)

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