“Walked Dogs ‘Do’ On First Street” Tanka 2053

(September 7, 2018)

most- pooped, pissed

‘pon street before business day:

Not talkin’ homeless!


Our mutts make ‘Frisco’s urban*

human wasters go in shame!


*(Original term coigned I believe by retired Libertarian radio talk show host Neal Boortz: Urban Outdoorsmen! Unca Neal railed especially from his Atlanta, Georgia perch on that particular subset of the upper-primate species we call homo sapiens sapiens.  Too bad he retired before San Francisco began its urban repavement program for a portion of its sidewalks.  Some sit-down artists, I suspect, will begin hiring themselves out by wits and wags to help cut down through-traffic on their streets…since those patrons already use the alleyways for ingress and egress.  Wonder if there will be a market there for ‘tween building tunnels to keep Miss Molly and Master Molly’s shoes out of the rough?)


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