“The Mongering Of Fear (And Loathing*)”

(September 7, 2018)

spanish flu return?

most-unlikely – hundred years

past-factors askew


*(I could not resist the riff on Hunter S. Thompson’s titles of several books’ including the Fear & Loathing themes: On The Campaign Trail, With The Hell’s Angles, as the late former Fort Lauderdale newspaper sportswriter-turned gad-about drug-addled celebutard “Rolling Stone” correspondent, et al., confronted – and sometimes conflated – popular myths and legends into overblown self-aggrandizing adventures.  But Spanish Flu and its possible return engagement on This Ball of Mud?  Not so likely.  Better meds, better sanitation, fewer sick soldiers trying to get home across the oceans bringing their special friends with them coughing and hacking more millions that The Kaiser and Czar and Kings could kill by bullets alone.  But I am confident we will get our century’s mass-killer to rise its ugly head above the quietude because Nature abhors and vacuum…and the wee bug beasties continue to fight back. So. Always wash your hands and cough into a convenient forearm unless you have a special knack for armpits.  And get the shots so those of us who don’t won’t catch your disease! Thanks.)

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