“Disney’s ‘Boggy Creek’ Real”

(September 5, 2018)

Disney’s Boggy Creek

and real one in Arkansas

both have ‘Skunk Apes’*


  • (Actually, the Florida Boggy Creek is beside Disney World in rural – but not for long – Osceola County.  I have waded its slow-moving crystal waters through Bayhead Cypress with nighthawks and Great Horned Owls watching my every step…more probably to see what munchable I might have stirred from that stew.  I swear Oscar Perez, my Sanford tennis buddy, and I saw a peculiar sight in 1966 or so one full moon day  after hearing a tremendous crash through the palmetto thickets lining the high banks of Blue Springs Run in nearby Volusia County and saw a darkly- and fully-haired tall “man” wearing tatters of a white shirt and busted-out trousers whose arms swung rhythmically as he took strides that spanned the two-laned dirt-track “road” whose sand bore not a single foot-impression…but the over-riding feeling of looming doom perhaps was concocted by the overwhelming stench of foul breath and rotting vegetation which we followed until the crashing noise of the creature/man’s course of but one big splash and more crashing noises as whatever-it-(or who)-was ruse up the other side of the 10-foot or more bank of the pristine then-jungled little stream that fed into the primordial St. Johns River of my 1950s and ’60s youth.  I am certain it was a man. But what kind who could span a 50-foot wide riverbanks and 15-foot-wide creekbed with rushing water in but three or five full steps?  And what we both saw later than night in an entirely different vein was much more frightening.)

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