“Clean Your Air, Sir?”

(September 7, 2018)

Take my Sanford air

over Rio’s anyday –

New York or Peking?*


*(We let the professional fear-mongers amongst us tell us Americans we are killing our whole world with air- and water-pollution, yet the facts say different.  The United States has – still and since the 1960s – the best air and water found throughout the land that most everywhere else.  You can breathe in New York City. Try that in Beijing – though I prefer its real spelling Peking – or London or Paris.  Though I no longer drink right from the nearby Wekiva River as I did as a teen, my tap water is fine despite mega-millions spent convincing me I just must buy some plastic bottle water – now with newly redesigned thinner plastic throughout, including the caps.  I have seen what’s afloat in the central Atlantic first-eye; and what floats around The Pacific I suspect – as do many others – is Red China’s way of handling its trash-hauling-and-disposal contracts with U.S.: just dump it overboard somewhere far from their own oceanward-rushing river pollution which is hard to see since the smog appears there to have grown legs and wings and is courting what India produces. Who’s to blame? All of us.  But some of us vote and live in places which work on the problems instead of being the problems.)

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