“A Lovely Lady Said…” Tanka 2051

(September 7, 2018)

a lovely lady

said to me: why, you are good

so much…easily


see just the clothes on the line

and not beating on river rocks*


*(Thus, Lady Yassy: I would show you pages of notes, editorial markups in newspaperese fashion, crossed-off words and lines, circles with alternates with question marks demanding attention, orphan lines and sometimes whole paragraphs and ignored words begging or pleading  – you tell me: I am afraid to look anymore sometimes – and for each full-born thing I adore I endure worry and work and constant – well, not fear, but concern how and what and why and when and most of all who – self-criticism.  But the chortles, the guffaws and right-side head upward smiling nods and smothered but still-mirthful gotchas make it all more than worth…like photography: take 300 pictures. Thirty will be usable; ten will be wonderful and maybe, just maybe, one (or three: hope and plead) will make you happy all by yourself late at night with hardly a light on except the shine from a candle onto a half-blank page.)

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