“UCF 20th, UF 25th!

(September 5, 2018)

Old ‘FTU’* ranks

The Gators in coaches’ poll:

But just one week done!**


*(Florida Technological University underwent a transformation to University of Central Florida, thus continuing the tradition of coming up with cryptic if not caustic acronymic misstatements: Having one brother from each – and since I was the first accepted to University of Florida in my family – but my country was having a war that week and The Marine Corps beckoned – I am in a good position to bend both brothers from my unmatriculated position of impartiality.  All three of us played rugby while in university and later club teams. And, still, we enjoy the argues.)

**(With Miami and Florida State out of even honorable mention status in the weekly collegiate football standings, thus sending thoughts of how could Willie The Tag not call a timeout on The One Freaking Yard Line to get the call overturned and a touchdown awarded by review is so far beyond me as to take over number one in my list of seriously stupid things done by someone other than me award from the most likely un-spelling bee champeen of The World, The unReverend Al Sharpeton who by now knows Respect is spelled with Two K’s  and not one miserable “c.”)


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