2 thoughts on ““Ordinary Daze”

  1. I deliberately left the front door open to take advantage of the cool-ish late-night breeze while holding the couch down from its repeated attempts to emulate the Homer Simpson disreputable flying couch. When I un-dozed at near 2 a.m. I couldda swore I closed and locked the front door – and reset the alarms – but when I roused at 6:30 there stood the door grinning at me like an unlit Halloween-carved pumpkin. The Little People – wee folk – perhaps were involved. The third beer clearly had no part in this sordid play. And the floor fan did not object to pushing just-under 70-degree F air past my happy toes as I slumbered – again – with the radio turned down low. I remain assured I did close the door before four. The squirrels? Naa. they left the popcorn bowl’s last few unpopped kernels – with butter – untouched. I rest my case(es)!


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