5 thoughts on ““On Mumbles Doorstep”

  1. on rereading: first is worst…I like the first line and the third is a standard plea (with “wait, please. I must put on my glasses to “hear” what you are saying!” As I lip-read my way past a sometime wandering aural capacity.

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    • Look they tell you to read your work back . I speak to myself all day that way… Especially right now cos having had enough of the delay with the lot that were taking my backlist, I’m putting it out myself

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  2. “They” are an unwholesome lot. “They” lie. Even more than governments. “They” implied I would get Dress Blues (uniform) following boot camp and that and a five dollar bill would get me laid all over the world come liberty time…but first there was this little war…”They” are cruel, old. wise-in-ways – I originally typed “wose”-in-ways and perhaps should have left it that way…I think I like that way better than wise-in-ways, especially during such diatribe as his. Recall, si vous plait, They merely is the article “The” to which an orphan letter with an unruly tail has attached itself and points its waggly finger (tail!) at whim with vigorous whimsy.


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