“I Fear Not Olding” Tanka 2049

(September 5, 2018)

I fear not ‘olding’

maybe wondering to pack

goggles or burn-meds


biggest chore: who gets my junk;

next – recipe books; mine, mom’s*


*(Was in a word-coignage mood, I guess. Okay: know.  Some latent radio advert words about dying without proper paperwork…as if that’d stop me: just might provide the wicked impetus! Already it is too late to rectify the path of growing old’s little scenic turn-outs: hence, “Olding.” It’s a process. And we do not tell teens every oak tree they fist in frustration gradually causes a condition I call “no fist.” We will not discuss shoulders, knees, neck, et al. Olding is not for sissies.  When it gets a little more acute I well may medicate.)

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