“Busted In Berkeley”

(September 5, 2018)

for a mere change-chunk*

toxic masculinity

eased at this big school


*(For a mere $895, a student’s “toxic masculinity” may be eased while attending the University of California @ Berkeley and termed a feminist-masculinity makeover. It takes but 72 hours…way more time but a lot less expensive that all that cutting and stitching if you don’t count the corrosive effects of on-going XY chromosomal confusion.  It was a quick grab at an NPR thing, I recall, and not even a goodly diatribe…I think it prompted in me with this title title: “The Diversity Delusion. Or, maybe it was a Sean Hannity interview with an author outlining the ongoing molehills made mountains amongst the dedicated deniers of reality commonly called these days The Radical Femininist Fourth Wave, whateverinhole that means…and you gotta know there’s a bow-down to Marxist Theology hiding in there somewhere.  How all these radical feminists get led around by the nipplerings by old white bearded dudes spouting German is beyond my ken…or barbie!)

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