“A Fresh Oyster Stew In Two…”

(September 5, 2018)

two more months until

fresh oyster stew and raw shucks

will water my mouth!*


*(Forget that old saw about not eating oysters in months without an “R” in-nem.  Properly shipped and ‘fridgerated bivalves unless pollution prevents are no problem for the immune-system unimpaired, especially if you take ’em steamed. But the extra October and November here around The Gulf States should give both clams and oysters – and shrimp(s – if you love N’awlins: is said with the plural and if you loves Cajuns spell it “swimps!”) time to fatten up on the dregs of summer and take on a fatty sheen that will have you drowning in your own juices if you don’t swaller three times in the parking lot before the front door to that oyster house! I learned a few mignionette tricks that with the bestest of oysters beats that ketchup-horeseradish sauce all to pieces, even with ‘wooster’ sauce and old bay and key lime added!  Crush coarsely a tablespoon of black peppercorns and add to a scant quarter cup of either red wine or fancy sparkling-wine vinegar with a miniature mince of parsley and tarragon to go with a half-tablespoon of minced-grated shallot.  Just pass the oyster over the sauce and watch them jump right into your mouth.  A dunk or a merest drip of sauce onto each oyster in its half-shell matrimonial bower and you are a convert-for-life!)