“The Entitled At Middle School” Tanka 2038

(August 28, 2018)

Diurnal children:


The Few, The Privileged.


Nine-month migration patterns

ignore parking lot for streets!*


  • (A continuing tradition – some say condition! – with a huge parking lot across the street from Sanford (Seminole County, Florida, USA) Middle School complete with a marked crossing and crossing guards and flashing low speed limits signs (not to mention motorcycle and automobile police to enforce traffic laws) many entitled and privileged attendees of this country-wide science and technology magnet school fill up streets and sometimes block walkways, driveways and other forms of ingress and egress available to residents, but most importantly ignore what long ago they ripped out, drove over or let the city remove from its leaning tower of please park only one one side of the street signs…BECAUSE the damn street is too narrow for both-sides parking and still allow access to fire, ambulance and even, perhaps most importantly – city recycle and garbage pickups three times a week.  Worse: school officials know the general schedule for such pickups – or can ask anyone along any of at least three local streets along 18th street’s shared frontage when garbage trucks run and please lean on city officials including the police chief to enforce one-side-only parking on Maple, Holly and Cedar Avenues so as to allow a muchly elderly residental populace access to emergency traffic.  The after-morning assemblies and evening gatherings of concerned parents and guardians all are laudable, but please try to impress on your not-from-’round here drives-by parents that polite neighborlyness includes not parking all the way past stop signs, ignoring posted no-waiting, no student pickup or dropoff signs along 18th street and no sidewalk parking, which also makes for a cramped access by emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances.  Why, just this morning I got a “Good Morning, Sir” from a late-arriving student and his pals as I walked down the sidewalk to get to an easy access-point to cross four-laned French Avenue (US Highways 17-92) in my downtownward trek to the library.  Shocking! I returned served quickly lest my shock at such common courtesy cause me to stumble.  Imagine. A courteous kid going to public school?  I hope he hides such tendencies better.  The Teachers may not even get a turn ripping a patch of his hide should his fellow inmates – oops, students – find out about his appalling breach of  proper middle school decorum. Just this once I will settle for this: park not on the arch of the cord leading from Maple (or Holly or Cedar, etc.) leading the tail half of your car pointed out into the path of 18th Street. And, oh, one more thing. Try not to hit a precious un-tyke running down the street or between cars to cross to the other side, will-ya?  Hate to hear grown ambulance drivers and attendants cuss.  This year’s crop of school resource officers at Sanford Middle still have their butts welded to their carseats, apparently.  None directing the snarled traffic at Maple and 18th so far. Just the same guy – or gal – in blue blazing his nicely ‘pointed copcar up and down mys street  at speeds a largeish mite higher than 25 miles per hour…or even the overly generous 35.  Even most fleeing teachers each afternoon try to hold it down to a dull Dale Earnhardt roar!)

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