“Russian Dressing?”

Yeah, I know, this will double up on FB and Twitter, and it is not suitable for polite company on Richwrapper, my haiku”mostly” site in this experiment call Blog, but I’f feeling a mite feisty right now: finally for Virgin Mobile to talk with my debit card and accept last-day pay for another 90 days of leash-time. Ooops, sounds like Thor finally found Sanford’s address – missed us yesterday despite the nifty ‘ku done so martially.

Commentary, Outrages, Prose

(August 29, 2018)

Now, we know about

Hil’ry’s fake “Russian Dressing!”

‘Twas Chinese Take-Out!

*(First in line to the infamous and patently illegal Clinton Out-of-Bounds bathroom closet private account server was the “Everyone Knew About It! Including Barry! – was that the Russians must have hacked into that mom-n-pop Up-And-Att’em storage of secret and top secret emails and way past “mistake, and thus pardonable” excuses generated by the Obama holdover justice and federal bungle of incredulity services sleeping in The Swamp at night and crawling or slithering to work on the top floors of respective upholders of all things American was that Donald Trump was a fault for not stamping his small feet (must be small, no? recall the kerfluffle about his hands?) and pout until Vladimir Putin pooh-poohed his fears away.  But no, ‘Twas The Crass Communist Chinese who got to Hillary’s Hidden Goody Tray first.  Wonder what they…

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