“I Will Take My Long-Suffering…”

I will take my cold,

long-suffering as it is

and shuffle off home.*


(Grateful it was not influenza but a cold of long lasting duration which I battled down enough to vote Tuesday and do some modest posting and now with Friday’s approach have all the necessary library-lookovers accsomplished, well may take as proof of God’s eternal and ever undeserved love for this miserable continual sinner – who did manages to get Virgin Mobile usa to agree to swipe a double-sawbuck (plus tax!) from my nearly depleted debit card) to give me again yet another ninety days of lost old-man off-his-leash in woods and swamps I hope soon to enjoy: the filthy lucre such excursions bring well may come in time to restore my lost level of beer and Bushmills…and perhaps a flu shot sometime this decade. To Yasmisn, Lady Yassy, I fervently hope your sniffles shuffle off to Buffalo soonest. To all else: beware of STOBOR! – apology to The Admiral, RAH in Door Into Summer hisownself!)

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