(August 29, 2018)

pre-packaged health food*

contraindication? convenience?

plastic-waste fish food?


*(DelMonte pre-packaged red grapefruit sections in light syrup – health food?  Okay. But the plastic packaging, including the slip-off top a sure-fire fish poison when a contract-hauler – can you spell Red China? – dumps it offshore rather than taking it to an agreed-upon land-location per its contracts with American outfits too comfortable, too lazy and too ignorant to care if the refuse they take across The Pacific – or else-Ocean? – for agreed-upon safe depositon winds up years later in miniscule globules inside a baby fish’s gullet or a baby seal or a baby seabird’s and the animals starve as their responsible parents keep stuffing more plastic-ingested fish into the gullets.  Do you think China cares? Do you think American corporate chicanery cares to enforce its agreements – just so long as the trash is out of sight…unless it is human refuse in San Francisco, that is?)

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