“‘Cued YardBirds At Rest”

(August 19, 2018)

‘cued yardbird at rest

with beans, ‘tater-salad, slaw,

and surprise okra!*


*(slow saute – sweat what pro-chefs say – sweet or white onions in bacon drippings and when just translucent add garlic slices and fry for 30 seconds more at most.  Remove from skillet and add a modest touch more grease and brown slices of okra (rings or lengthwise or both) and fry, turning frequently ’till crispy brown, until “the slime” is cooked down – since this is not a gumbo the thickening agent of “slime” is not needed – and return onions and garlic to pan. A bay leaf or two either before the okra or after, and add stewed tomatoes with jalapenos – previously pickled or sauteed separately or with the onions if you like – and serve with or without rice as an accompaniment to the barbecued bird.  A light mix of thin-sliced cucumbers and sweet onion rings swimming in a broth of 1/3 white distilled vinegar, 2/3 ice water, a teaspoon of sugar (to taste) and a few sprinkles of dill seeds and optional dill garnish) is a quick pickle delight my mother taught me.  I’d garnish all with some minced parsley and a few sprigs of whole leaves and fronds of dill as well.)

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