“Which Hand You Scratch Wid?”

(August 14, 2018)

handedness  comes not

from cortex but ‘the cord’

but what ’bout the eye**


*(Left-eye dominant even after Parris Island, South Carolina – I hit tennis and base balls – not to slight softballs I did them too – sinister-handedly but I neither could nor can throw a baseball, softball or football that way without giving Barry Obama reason to gloat.  But I do not wear mommie jeans nor simper ’bout my gal pal Hil’ having to go to jail one day sooner and sooner and I hope she calls Martha for some cell decorating tips, and when it’s my turn to talk to The Screw.  Up The Revolution!


**(Recent revelations about handedness amongst humans at least suggests that it is not the cortex which has a hand in determing with which appendage we scratch or pick but instead the spinal cord – even trumping (hah! Take that Don-haters everywhere: something he can not be fore-faulted!) the trusty medulla oblongotta, also so-called The Reptile Brain under which the simian/primate and human layerings is found.  Personally, I find it comforting to know why I scratch this-n-that with one hand dominant…not! I’s an equal-scratcher and picker.)