“Wheat Tortillas For My ‘Rolls'” Tanka 2029

rice from the refridge

black beans: onions, garlic, cheese,

hot pickled peppers,


smoked pulled chicken or pork butt

with guac, sour cream, green onions


  • (either by quesadilla if the black (or pinto) beans refried in bacon fat or freshly rendered pork lard, or by the simple expedient of rolling up the bottom large tortilla – of which the topper would make a great ‘dilla when flipped in the 12-inch unstick  skillet. Cheeses: you pick…I add paermesan to the blend of Mexican, Monterrey or Cheddar and Mozzarella, depending on which finds me first.  Freshly ring-sliced jalapenos are perfect, but vinegar-n-salt pickled ‘penos fine.  And if singing out-of-choir canned yardbird breasts or someone else’s gloop called smoked butt fine with me if with you.)

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