“The Lazy Way”

August 13, 2018)

quicker to list friends

who aren’t off recovering

in daily prayers


(For so many my friends and fam-dam-ily: The Lord and I talk about you often and your so-lovely helpmeets and pals as I saunter downwardlytownish to this familiar keyboard.  Be well, Steve, Glenn, Storm, Otto, Tom E. (aha! forgot Messer Szabo and his lovely owner Diane!  But I will amend in FB fortwit! Anon.)

4 thoughts on ““The Lazy Way”

  1. You cushion me. Keep the Kleenex: sharp-edged boxes and I get un-along. But a lent-shoulder sounds wunnerful. I shall bring my washed-n-pressed red backpocket bandana for musical accompanyment. I uncry from hurts: too beautiful a practice for anything so harsh – prefer the wet stuff when joyously moved instead.


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