“E-mission Possible”

(August 13, 2018)

e-mission* possible

with flowers and chocolates:

it’s nearly laundry


  • (Originally without the hyphen ‘twixt “e” and “mission” but I’s maturing, if slowly. Took a few closer looks to determine last line second stanza had something sweet to say, but when it comes to the clue “laundry” I knew exactly from whence this came… from her cross-backyard fence she said: “never knew a guy before (I guffawed over the passed pun) who knew to separate whites from colors…” and I launched into a lecture on race relations amongst socks and skivvies and sweats and rugby jerseys.  And we retired to my back port chere  for porter and dark chocolate-covered macadamias. The plot had been thickening on both our parts for months.  Hey. I tol’e you I were sorta slow and crabbishly so!)

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