the above prompted this:
hires old crows to watch
neighborhood live from The Wires:
he’s a real wise guy!


he long has been prompting my reaching for a slug of Dad’s Old Crow in those half-pint bottles I found long after he left this scene, then a guffaw and a chortle and then a reach for pen and pad to wring out a quick-typed haiku-reply when I found his delightful haiku on twitter so I could fling it onto my own Word Press page and litter Facebook and Twitter with the same.  He’s a fine poet and a better friend.

Cat Nap Revue

old and retired
crows perched along the wires
our neighborhood watch

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This Because “Juice” Wrote

(August 14, 2018)

hires old crows to watch

neighborhood live* from The Wires

he’s a real wise guy


  • (Bruce Clay Jewett’s masterful haiku about  old retired’crows perched along the wires/ our neighborhood watch/ prompted the above piece impromptu…and he has been doing that to me for a long time, long before WordPress and longer still before Twitter where I encountered this.  He’s worth many reads and more re-reads.)

“Even A “Rush-Sub”

(August 13;, 2018)

Even a “Rush Sub”

avoids lib Keith Ellison’s

prayer-rug* angle!


*(Even the few non-conservative news radio reports avoids telling me accused girlfriend abuser U.S. Congressman and Democrat Party co-chair Keith Ellison is a practicing Muslim during what few times they reported on this departure from Progressive Party (read: DemoDumb) Line that only Republicans can abuse a spouse or longtime girlfriend. And even if the victim’s son may (or may not now) have access to vid of his mom being jerked by the ankle(s) off a bed with background sounds of verbal unkindnesses going on, so who’s to say it’s Not Just Another Ted Kennedy story or Another Bill Clinton Story, or another…oh, hell, you get the message!)



“Summer Savory”


(August 13, 2018)

Providence lobster

roll really about The Bun

and of course Butter!


*(As I wrote in my FaceBook entry of this haiku, I miss taking butter to the body in many forms, a good New England Lobster Roll perhaps not chief but at least War Chief amongst the best. And to compound the matter taking such dairy delight wrapping itself in and around some fine poached lobster – claw and body! Sure! – whilst enjoying the gentle-to-growing pre-Summer thunderstorm breeze in my old frontyard jungle hammock whose picture is in the rota of my FB banner, remains one of my all-time best moments…even if I had to hike to the grocery store when they still had a live lobster tank…and buy two…one to eat and one to roll!)

“The Lazy Way”

August 13, 2018)

quicker to list friends

who aren’t off recovering

in daily prayers


(For so many my friends and fam-dam-ily: The Lord and I talk about you often and your so-lovely helpmeets and pals as I saunter downwardlytownish to this familiar keyboard.  Be well, Steve, Glenn, Storm, Otto, Tom E. (aha! forgot Messer Szabo and his lovely owner Diane!  But I will amend in FB fortwit! Anon.)