2 thoughts on ““It’s ‘The Sun,’ My Foppish Fool!”

    • That’s because too few of us go about bound only by the mud and instead have to salve ourselves with petrochemicals to convince mosquitoes we are not down with dengue. But, Yassy, dear lady, I confess no one before ever told me what earth’s natural colors were. And by colors do you mean pigments or reflections thereof or refractions and reflections thereof? Both reflections of colors from pigment and from lightwaves themselves are but combinations and detractions from two differing sets of three primary colors. I do like my colors primary, though blends are becoming too. You assertion that man is the (be)cause of Earth losing – and where, pray, did they go? In hiding? Holding out for Sanity? – seems somehow too-inclusive. Does not Ol’e Sol take no credit/blame? And, and this is crucial maybe, is that Man singular or is it inclusive: all or many or even most men? And do women get to play, too? Pardon, please, my play with the words. As a member of the pyramidal topmost on this planet – but don’t tell the viruses nor amoeba – I take man(un)kind seriously. And its doings (and not-doings) perhaps evenmoreso. But, to my premise: the sun dominates any change on this mudball and man but a bit player. A sometimes frightening and terrible bit, to be sure, but it is man if ever we save the cetaceans from a horrible and senseless extinction that has to take the credit, after first acknowledging the blame for the same. That is, unless a Manhattan-sized asteroid solves those polemical problems.

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