7 thoughts on ““Have Ever You’ve Written?”

    • If ever I caught terminal indecorum or merely moderate unwhithholding those letters still sear my heart, eyes and those terrible digits which pen-held: and worse, Shehanne, all those horrid scritchings of teen and pre- angst and filings across now-paled yellow legal pads calling themselves repositories of poetry and short screeds of else I would pray were I still corporate at the time of leave-taking some few friends – or even a stray lover of worthy words not found in my presence – would undertake scofflawry of local fire ordinances to assure my legacy of unreasonability remained sacrosanct. Failing that, I always could go on a ’til death do I part drinking binge. Maybe not a perfect solution, but a good solvent of gin and whatnot absolves if not cheap paint than poor unprose. Neh?

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