“Smoke Signals To Digital”

(August 5, 2018)

Fairfax Two-Number

was not a ‘party line’ phone

board operator*


  • (In the ancient days of the middle 1950s when Sanford still had plug-in telephone board operations, especially for long distance calling, the prefix for Sanford was “Fairfax” Two, or 322.  Search me why “Fairfax,” a town on the Virginia border with Washington, DC and Maryland.  But there it was…or is.  Used to be a big club of Pioneer Phone People – by another name to be sure – around here and it was quite active.  Now, even my Flip-Fone cellphone is an antique and I will have no phone before me smarter than I!  It’s been engraved in some stone upon which once I sat: coquina probably because someofitstillitches.)

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