“We Are The Last…” Tanka 2010

(August 5, 2018)

We are The Last Ones

to build bonfires at The Beach,

to swim at ‘The Pit.’


Paint the town water tower,

to race the old clay-sand roads!


*( New Smyrna Beach, where once it was possible to take a Jeep Commando racing from 27th Street beach ramp to past Turtle Mound, collecting summertime blue crabs in number three washtubs and turn back around to go to the backside of Ponce Inlet to harvest sea grapes  and salt water for a crab boil built in the hollow face of a monster dune with salvaged boards, flotsam and jetsam and a few imported logs, and later early that morning to stop off at the borrow pit beside the State Road 46 Interstate 4 exit to wash off in the fresh water bubbling out of the ground where crews excavated the clay and sand necessary to build those overpasses along the new high-speed raceway that for a brief time meant but a half hour from downtown Sanford to downtown Orlando.  Tell me if anyone else had a 68-mile three-a.m. racecourse covering northern Seminole County from Oviedo/Slavia to Lake Sylvan and Banana Lake and beyond to the particularly devilish delights of reverse-bank county road 427 and the un-truncated banked turns of US 17-92 along Lake Monroe which were actually designed for 90-mile-per-hour speeds and in an MG-A (or B) could reach considerably higher times in a four-wheel drift way down low going wrong-way into town? Ever go Rat-Racing in some of the bendy-twisty portions of our dear town?  Purloind egg-fighting from the backs of pickup trucks halloweenishly?  Watch sheepishly caught junior boys rub piteously at their foul-lettered message to The Senior Class at school while some time later The new Senior Girls climbed The Water Tower and used less offensive language?  Something about maturity, I guess.  More like population explosion.)


“Smoke Signals To Digital”

(August 5, 2018)

Fairfax Two-Number

was not a ‘party line’ phone

board operator*


  • (In the ancient days of the middle 1950s when Sanford still had plug-in telephone board operations, especially for long distance calling, the prefix for Sanford was “Fairfax” Two, or 322.  Search me why “Fairfax,” a town on the Virginia border with Washington, DC and Maryland.  But there it was…or is.  Used to be a big club of Pioneer Phone People – by another name to be sure – around here and it was quite active.  Now, even my Flip-Fone cellphone is an antique and I will have no phone before me smarter than I!  It’s been engraved in some stone upon which once I sat: coquina probably because someofitstillitches.)

“Just Another Radio Commercial”

(August 6, 2018)

some clever fool just

said add water to fire steams

wrinkles from your trees*


  • (Not, really, but almost: what a pretty garden? Do what your neighbor lady does in her gorgeous garden…goes that particular commercial for some Bayer aspirin people’s pep-up garden programs.  Hey, guys, put some compost in the hole when you plant and let your worms to all the work for free…)