“I’d Rather Debate”

(August 2, 2018)

I’d rather debate

both footballs’* concussions

than this sordid stuff!


  • (Both soccer and American football have a problem with brain injuries (concussions) and, oddly enough, female soccer players seem to show greater signs of damage when “heading” the ball than do their male counterparts.  However, in American football’s case the available energy to explore this question of how to keep the game and make it safe is being swallowed whole by the Ohio State University convulsions over The Urban Meyer Controversy. And The Sad Part is the young coach in question was “found out” as a probably serial spouse abuser almost a decade before when both were at the University of Florida.  Once again, preventative measures go a-begging because some head coach put winning national championships over healthy spousal relationships on his staff. Sad.)

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