“And A Real Tough Question…”

August 2, 2018)

is ‘staying’ despite

abuse form of child neglect

where’s intervention*


  • (In the case of the wife of a young football coach called on several times for alleged spousal abuse at the University of Florida and later under “the coaches’ wives all know about it” conditions at The Ohio State University and alleged “counselling” about the coach losing not just his job but his career … and what then would happen to the wife and mother and the children? counselling – compels me to wonder: when is silence from the victim a form or child neglect and when is apparent complicity in the community of coaches’ wives past reprehensible and when is the blame going uphill past The Head Football Coach to the athletic director and onward a la Penn State University.  Is winning so much that we must ready ourselves every few years to learn of the damage being done to our society, our young and their own offspring, not to mention the examples delivered to young men and women in colleges and universities whose educational experiences have no business being so subjected?)