“Get That Tongue Outta Your Cheek!” Tanka 2097

(August 2, 2018)

Bent gene-altered oaks

line our downtown “Maggy* Square”

and First Street sidewalks.


Planners promise no “Smithy Spread:”

Tall and upright like themselves!


  • (Magnolia “Maggy” Square, a half-block portion of former streetfront and not actually a square.  Several planters and a fountain with wooden-slatted wrought iron benches, cleverly designed to discourage a full-recline for those so-inclined.  The trees – all genetically modified oaks alleged to grow only upward and not to spread from large lateral (lower at least!) branches – thus saving the unsightly embarrassment of pushed-up pavers in the walkways and annoyed – or angry – downtown business establishments finding in the future limbs intruding on their window/wall spaces.  The two southernmost oaks flanking Maggy Square do not look genetically modified arrow-standingly but are more stunted by being abutted by Augusta Block paving bricks, sidewalks and other impedimentia common to urban downtown areas however modest.  But I know planners. And I know plans.  And in my unhumble opinion rarely do the twain meet congruently or even overlappedly.  As the man said falling out the 44th floor window to the lady on the 33rd floor who asked how it was going: “So Far, So Good.”)