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  1. I played four or more hours of tennis most days and surfed at the nearby New Smyrna Beach two or three times weekly since my senior year in high school and that freshman year in college before letting The Marines make of me a man…three miles daily most often without helmets, rifles or packs until the last six weeks of a 12+ week boot camp and another two months infantry training in snowy North Carolina December-February, so I got a little fat and sloppy compared with my jockish earlier days. Upon release from active duty to finish college I began playing rugby (hooker and scrum half…the former with the A-Side and the latter with the B-Side and lost loads: from 236 to 165. and probably consumed more beer than ever I had – or have had and now with a third beer putting me somewhat loopy ever contemplate having again…except for a draught Ayinger Celebrator with split pea and ham soup, mixed greens and tossed crudite salad with baguette and piled high creamy “Bee Sting” German slivered almonds-n-honey-enriched topping dessert. A once a quarter at most diversion. …wonder what the impetus for that ramble. By the time I got to bleeding in war I was a svelte – one doctor write semi-malnutrition/semi-starvation 133 pounds. My pack, cameras, tape recorder, flak jacket, helmet, rifle and ammunition, water and dehydrated (to save weight) rations and film and whatnot weighed in at 137 pounds the month before I got my ticket home to U.S. Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Florida) for a six-month stay in the surgery ward whereupon I found 100 more pounds which I kept handy during the ensuing final year of active duty, since I extended my enlistment to avail myself of Naval doctors vice The Veterans Administration efforts to ignore reality. I would do it again in a heartbeat were I 19 again. Only this time I’d get written contract assurances that I could take Army Ranger and Paratroop training and if qualified would be allowed to try my hand at underwater demolition/SEAL training as well, all the while still getting my paychecks from the USMC. Not hardly, but I conned them into letting me operate independently throughout most of my combat and non-combat career. Must have had something to do with my attitude, ability and arrogance and ability to keep my alliteratives in the vowel category. Neh?

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