“Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy”*

(July 23, 2018)

Admit. Nothing! Don,

there’s a ‘hook’ hidden inside:



  • (With absolutely no apology whatsonever to Mad Magazine’s famous feature of Cuban refugee punditry by Prohias – I believe what the Morse decoded – in that wonderful political (geo and other) satire “Spy vs. Spy.” which later added a third “versus spy” to the serial cartoon.  The which I ripped off un-famously in the magazine I wrote, edited and sometimes photographed for the Sixth Marine District’s (Recruiting and Reserve) monthly Newsletter whose semi-irregularly published cartoon “Private Prive (And Lieutenant Lieutenant” was authored by me and drawn by incomparable artist Lance Private Valdimir Chapko whose title was also a rip from one other famous common-tater of thems things militarish, — now I forget: he wrote Gravity’s Rainbow and V – and still that old technique to restart a muzzled memory thingee flails failingly…went over to the dictionary at the library and knowing it was a lost cause, the name Thomas Pynchon came to me. Almost I skipped back to the ‘puter…as if ever I was co-ordinated to learn to skip!)

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