“Cobblestone Clouds*)

*First of five haiku/tanka on Magnolia Square in downtown Sanford, Florida

(July 17. 2018)

“Cobblestone Clouds”

cobblestone clouds  greet

upward eyes – westerly breeze

befits a gulf rain


Tanka 2079

how such a beautiful young girl

could soil the air, her lungs so


“Young Tarzan’s Mom*”

nervous mom whose son

clambers on the brick fountain

catches his big leap!


Tanka 2081

Twice-height of four-course bricks,

racing attention wanders.


“Just Ready To Run”

just ready to run

the toddler-no-more explores

his magnolia square

Tanka 2080

delights in forbidden taste

of lamppost, water and sand


“Smoking Girl Scares Off”

smoking girl hides butt

behind her bench and debates

a second such nail


Tanka 2082

unapproachable one wag

wanders off for a paper


“Cobblestone Cirrus”

Cobblestones Cirrus

with jet streaks sewn through

overhead canvas


Tanka 2083

bright morning commerce intrudes

but library soon opens


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