“Big Doin’s”

July 14, 2018)

fried fish tarter sauce

cornbread and beans-n-cole slaw:

watermelon salad*


  • (seeded – or if you must seedless but in my opinion less sweet – red ripe water melon in 1″ to 2″ chunks, thin-sliced red onion rings which have been soaked for an hour in ice-cold water to remove sulfur dioxide, chunks or crumbles of feta cheese. A grind of both sea salt and black pepper – the pepper is optional, as are some oil-cured black olives – pitted and halved)

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  1. I still suffer water-mouth when I read that simple recipe. Sometimes I overboard with a medley of peeled orange and tangerine segments, with peeled grapes, cantaloupe and watermelon chunks, wild-picked blueberries, chunked (and sometimes for visuals sliced in-the-round) gooseberries, called here kiwi fruit, perhaps some just-near over-ripe pears of many varieties, some -inner-rings of red onion, fresh mints, and whatever fancies, lightly-to-liberally soaked in several orangish libationary materials and call that a salad sans cheese. Folded into a sweet flatish bread or sweet-flour tortilla moulded into a fluted cup shape before ignored, refoulded and with dripping chin relished with a suppage of sparkling wine…with biscotti.

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      • Suffer! I just had lunch: mixed dried fruits (softish like prunes, raisins, etc.) with mixed unsalted nuts, seeds and such and the last-night remains of my harvesting of Chickasaw Plums, little many-seeded small fruits native just a bit more north of here with a lovely almost lavender-like scent and taste. I have to be quick or the squirrels ravage them even before the brighter birds. But I will promise to torment only on days ending in Why when it comes to comistibles, okay?

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