“Saga Of Forgotten Phone Charger”

(July 14, 2018)

four-miles walking in

triple-digit heat-factor

a good-nuff sleep-aid*


  • (Missed taking the charger plug out of the computer station receptacle at the downtown library and the phone call yielded mixed results.  I replayed “the tape” and found I had, indeed, left the plug and the long charger cord under the circular last-area library computer/internet station.  Good. Serves me right!  No cool-down beer for thee! Turn right around…close the mouth over a near-liter of just-cool water and take off on a repeat trip.  Yep. Charger cord and plug just where the forgetful fool left-em.  Shrug to the lady using the ‘puter, slide out the chair which faces no station at all, kneel down and remove plug, dangling “the catch” before astonished eyes, resume erect posture and toddle off, not chastised in the slightest!)