“Which Word* Wrong” Tanka 2075

(July 16, 2028)

Dear Adam Putnam,

“Criminal Illegal Aliens:”

which word redundant?


You have come “late” to The Train

and you “smeared” Ron DeSantis!


  • (It’s a Your Choice Test: either Criminal or Illegal is redundant in the phrase “Criminal Illegal Aliens” since the very act of crossing our national border without stopping at “Go” or collecting $200 – it seems! – is breaking our federal law.  An Illegal alien is criminal.  A criminal alien is illegal.  I prefer the simple expedient of saying “Illegal Alien,” since we all know My Favorite Martin never really was an Alien, but may have committed a few minor crimes or even crimes against minors or miners as the case may be.  But the jest of this point (just?) is that Florida agricultural stuff boss Adam Putnam, who wants to be Governor, just hopped aboard The Trump Train, promising all things Trumpian in his fight against all things illegal immigrantian – which halfway through his repetitive spots on the radio announce several times “Criminal Illegal Aliens.” Hey, Adam!  All Illegal Aliens are Criminal Already.  And, to be beside the point, your bashing Ron DeSantis – even by proxy – in his efforts to become Florida’s next governor was meanly done and wrong by my lights.  Get that “punched” ticket outta my face!”)

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