“The Poor We Always…*” Tanka 2074

The poor we always

have fed from “high” prepared cans



and un-pronounceable bread:

industrial poverty!


  • (Which helps explain all the sweet tea, the high-salt, high-fat content found at both ends of the table.  Prepared foods both “above and below The Salt,” and preservatives and additives make healthful eating a contradiction of (in?) terms sometimes.  Having eaten in both lines – high- and low- ends – may I suggest carrying your own Kosher salt, ground black pepper, and an admixture of olive oil and red wine vinegar just for salads and vegetables which admit to having been washed and peeled and not much more.  Some of my less-prodigal pals say flesh is bad…to which I reply only if poorly cooked or improperly smoked after stuffing inside some really clean intestines.  Both the well-off and the off-well in this land of plenty eat mostly very poorly.  And everyone wants to sell them some convenience.  There already is such a thing: in comes from Gerber…and they have a history…)




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  1. Just a momentary spout-off, Shehanne. I takes me umbrages where – and when – found, but I learned from watching mom-n-dad always ’tis best to beat the bitter out quickly and then resume the love affair (for them each other) with life soon thereafter so as not to notice that quick gulp of quiet air inbetween.

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