“Reflections In A 4 A.M. Auto-Window”

(July 14, 2018)

The mind gives up ghouls,

and fear provokes quick looks:

What? There’s no popcorn?


  • (Walking a brick-paved, old oak tree-arched street down its middle at 4 a.m., the side windows, especially of the newer autos’ reflective nature are all the horror-show my imagination needs – and has needed for lo these many years.  I used to use my bucket of popcorn as a prop to keep my eyes of the screen at the downtown Ritz Theater as a youth and held between up-standing knees at home on the smaller screen.  Took me two screenings to see Linda Blair rotate and three to see the guy with no head holding up his own at a kitchen window in “The Thing That Would Not Die” a pic about Francis Drake’s visit to San Francisco Bay in a time-warpishly way. I have been, am and will be always a confirmed coward about scary movies.  Most everything else is preventable, but not movies.)

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