“Reflections In A 4 A.M. Auto Window” Tanka 2073

(July 14, 2018)

The mind gives up ghouls,

and fear provokes the quick looks:

What? No popcorn?


Silver-backed windows signal:

Is there something watching me?*


  • (The comment on the haiku of the same title explains: I figured out the scary guy in the reflection of the rolled-up no-see-through modern auto side windows was, indeed, frightful.  Didn’t look a bit like me.  Was full of danger and fell intent.  Not me at all.  I really was looking between the spaces each car and SUV and truck left for boogy-men and gobbed-hoblins hiding.  They never hide under beds in my universe, but inhabit the darkened spaces your mind paints over in midnight hours. Popcorn would have eased my pre-fright fright.  With extra butter.)

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