Yasmin Khan – Yassy – brings her beauty and words to all with time to sit and marvel at her craft!


When ink and blood bleed together,
The pain becomes luminous
Writing itself into the mind
Salvation's enlightenment.
Wielding the pen of poetry
Surrendering to courage...
Not letting words die
Giving poetry strength to survive;
On unmarked routes, unknown maps
A carousel of unborn dreams
Drawing on time, finding destinations
Riding a nomadic compass
Trailing, probing, exploring
Guilelessly woven thoughts
Like a Stollen that enters breath
Breaking into words like
Fallen , flushed, blooms
Still fragrant...
Freeing mind from eclipse of
Que sera sera..

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I know people ’round these parts bestow their “pet” deer with bags of corn and cow feed and wonder why I accuse them of “stocking” their famine larders. One up in North Georgia readily admits to not hunting his well-fed animals of hunt- and cook-ability on his 40 acres for just such purpose. He takes deer and turkey on rented hunt club land, just not his. Wonder if those people on State Road 46 just West of Mims with four-foot-tall (at the shoulders) White Tail monsters doing the same – but closer?

come on and get it
fruit and vegetable scraps
deer’s cafeteria

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He gets steady production of loquats – too few freezin’ days – or nights – and I pray his squirrels take all his delectable treats. When a loquat remains ‘treed’ and withers and browns – and you smell fermentation wait another day carefully guarding from alcoholic birds and tree rats for a pure taste of joy and wonder…jellied and slightly off, the skin-shot of juice is worth the infrequency as desire overcomes demand and you join the eating frenzy way too soon. Discipline! Young boozer!

a bushy tailed wind
ripples through the loquat leaves
flashes of gray fur

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Get Thee Before Me (Mouth), Satan! Mine is macadamia nut cookies. I keep fighting for a one-a-day plan: packages, not individual cookies, that is. But Lorna Doone’s shortreads make no bones about it: I am theirs! And the only way to avoid further temptation is eat the whole package…with a quart or more of ice cold full-fat milk! Thanks, Juice. I’s Tempted!

loaded with red goop
a sugar glazed pastry
whispers sweet nothings

Image by Baku

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