8 thoughts on ““Oh, Have Another Slice) V1 Tanka 2066*

  1. The terror arises as the last thumb’s-width of favored re-read approaches: with what will I replace? An oldie-goodie or a brand new author/genera or maybe close the curtains and try some of that Moore gal’s glamor called smexy. So far it’s like voting which big toe most easily sacrificed to a cold/hot(?) springwater test at the height of midsummer/midwinter. Our massive freshwater springs hereabouts (tens of millions (oops, our million is a thousand thousands) daily (weekly? Nope. Daily) pumped out at 72 degrees Fahrenheit – it took me forever and yesterday to remember to het that first “h” emplaced quickly, so I will beg off on Celsius if you (do or don’t) please.


  2. I have a fine filled mortuary and stacks near most sites upon which I sit, each clamoring (quietly so as to appear polite and only moderately insistent) for my fingers to find happy inside.


  3. My three books on order appear just before I sat down at this library keyboard. I was beginning to worry my “fix” would not be in before the festivities. Currently mining “The Front Room” for my little brother’s saxaphone, yet he can not recall if it was cased or how hidden, not its temperament – alto, baritone, tenor? He just wants it for the silver so he can swap with his dealer in fine stuffs. Their old place – now the office – has rooms of stuff from near-50 years of marriage-and-antiquing and collecting. And their manse out of town in the mountains – Geneva is just East of Sanford and all of 75 feet above sea level – already is stuffed. Sister-in-law Jeanne says Storm gripes, moans and grumbles each Yule as they host the local chapter of Daughters of The American Revolution at Turtle’s Crossings – I kept insisting they position the possessive at the final esse but their signmaker won out – but I did fine for Jeanne a stunningly enameled (almost cloisionned (sp?) split bamboo fan with each blade carved in fantastical geometric shapes except for the mid-portions upon which were lacquered oriental figures: all encased in well-wrought wooden framework with a clear glass half-bubble. Every so often I find a first-edition leather-bound book they actually might read to help stuff their full library, or a shard – and sometimes more – of worked chert as a spear point or best yet an almost translucent hide scraper in a gentle curve with good hand-grips only partially worked, found during an archaeological presence/absence of cultural resources assessment just East and a bit North of the Disney World properties.


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