2 thoughts on ““Do ‘That Other Thing’!”

    • From American S/F and fantasy writer S. (Steve) M. Stirling, whose series of post-apocalyptic books feature much things British Isles injected with humor and bucked swashes and women warriors and poetry and wicca and catholicism cooperatively standing when required. Every other year or so he cranks out another. He and David Drake (among others) also have joined forces in other realms…often modernizing the antics of Byzantine/Roman general Belisarius in Asia Minor. A typical Americanism from my junior high (7-8-9) grades days and earlier: Like it or Lump it. Which was standard flirting between boys prior to a fistfight. Lotsa lumps. Boys should be caged until 25 before released; girls, on the other swear perhaps never released: they’s just too dangerous.


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