“Cane Chris Can’t”

(July 10, 2018)

Hurrican Chris Sucks

up our Florida moisture.*

I’ll take two days dry!


  • (The “back” side of a hurricane often includes a slot of cold, dry air drawn into the whirling dervish middle, and helps take away the residual moisture and rain to be drawn further into the ‘cane’s influence.  With 50-60 percent rain coverage – chances of rain always are 50 percent: everywhere. Either it will rain or not.  Always.  It’s the coverage that counts.  If it rains near zero percent coverage in a desert and near 100 percent in a hurricane and  variability elsewhere mostly – usually around these parts of Central Florida, USA, I can take a short break from the wets and haul buckets to water the containerized parts of the garden, thus earning my daily two bottles of beer – or wine…or whisky or whiskey depending on derivation, of course, but I really do prefer sticking my bareish feet off the front porch under the dripline where bare buckets await filling to go say hi (and high) to the cisterns located spiritually and spatially.)

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