“Further (Mis-)Adventures Of Harry T. Ratt” Haiku and both ‘Ku and Tanka 2055″

(June 27, 2018)

Hey, “Jim,” since Rodent

ran away and found new life

things all less-Harry!


“Recall, If You Will, ‘J.B.,’…”

(June 28, 2018)

Recall JB “Fun”

from ‘Gow-Hose’ those olden days

when “Mail” ran so late?


“Recall If You Will, JB…” Tanka 2055

Recall JB “Fun”

from ‘GowHose’ those olden days

when “Mail” ran so late?


Censors took weeks to deciper

what was meant in-just-fun!





One thought on ““Further (Mis-)Adventures Of Harry T. Ratt” Haiku and both ‘Ku and Tanka 2055″

  1. Shehanne: I inadvertently erased your “too true {sic}” comment. Instead, I was trying to amplify. Harry T(he). Ratt was a biker friend on decades-long standing. He did devious and dealt the sameway with many of his northern-states ilk who espouse a lifestyle called “One-Percenter.” He was not the first, but readily agreed when I told him of another’s request: “Please, J, when my ‘bros’ are here don’t talk to me so much with the big words, okay? They won’t like it if I show them I understand big words, too. Him, Harry and I called LoudMouth Brad. Sometimes another such poseur we called “Mild Bill” in opposition to his self-proclaimed “Wild Bill” moniker. It seemed Harold Krohn earned the handle “Ratt,” for all the obvious reasons. I will not indict him for his financial prowess with moving possible contraband to the hands of self-indulgent slow-suiciders. He and I enjoyed a modest following of fellow travellers, trading turns to buy drinks – Captain Morgan often the choice of rum with my occasional lapses into the arms of Bushmill’s several delights. He’d cut his with coke and I with water. Occasionally we’d entertain other creature comforts. When his outlaw biker buddies’d drop by – except for one in particular, J.B., by not-name, I’d take my brew or my bath and a book to the back porch deck with perhaps a twist of la cucuracha to keep me company. One of the bikers came back to the deck and sat in an adirondak impossible chair and point-blanked: “why’d you leave? Harry and the others all have implicit trust (another big-worder. Why am I so harried?) in you? I burn the twist, handed him a share and did the same with a cold beer: “What I did not see nor hear I can not be compelled to tell under oath. You know you guys are gonna be caught – again, probably – and I know my name long has been associated with life’s undergarments long before I ever knew you or Harry. So, this way I can say: ‘What?’ We just drank and fooled ’round with nekkid girl-dancers at the Circus-Circus ‘cross Casselberry-town when I’d come by to visit. He did, they did…what? Never say or heard of that.” Then, I’d lean around the other way tilting my head up to the tall pine tree shading the deck: “Did you guys up there with the microphones get all that?” (Years later, the Outlaws’ then-president got popped by The Feds when it turned out the telephone repairman put a “bug” in his table lamp in the television room where he conducted his business. I had told Harry of my notion that if you must talk business, do so outside with an FM (portable and battery-operated only) radio playing loudly, well away from the house. Why, he asked. Since 1982, I began, all televisions made or sold in The United States have been mandated as Cable Capable. And a television set – or any other communications device connected to mass communications cable devices – is capable of becoming a receiver and transmitter by the simple act of reverse-polarity carrier wave conversion. A television (this was before digital) display tube is not just a screen, but also a camera. Same same the speaker…it, too, can be a microphone. Telephone? Wire tap. All you need is a warrant. Now, for the fun part: since nearly forever both the U.S. and British intelligence operations forbidden to operate inside their own borders have novelized their approach: the U. S. spies on British citizens’ internal communications; and, The Brits return the favor for us. Thus no nasty no-spy-on-me rules remain sacrosanct. Nifty, no? But not so good for mowing and blowing and leafing and pruning. Next time I play Spy Me, I shall purchase a leaf blower and think of you for the inspiration. I do not trust the purity of even portable radio or CD players any more.


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