I await still City Staff and later Council approval of my request for Nuisance Hunting License (sans limits) for Tree Rats, Leaf-blowers and blowees – with an appropriate open-season time constraint – say 2 p.m.)

Cat Nap Revue

morning’s aria
lilting above the buzz
of leaf blowers

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Our loquats must second survive a late-winter freeze which will wither and blacken still unripe treats after first dodging an earlier winter frost or freeze which will kill the blooms: then we have tree rats the meek call squirrels. The Meek have yet to sup on succulent Loquats – the crackers (slang for Redneck) hereabouts call Japanese Plums – or make them into jams and purees. The taste too good ever to get inside the kitchen. And I save the seeds to scatter throughout my Sanford walkabouts and one day find both refuge from sun with shade and pale golden delights with juicy goodness to reward my foresight and willingness to stuff pockets with pits sometimes as big as finger-and-thumb tips. Thanks, “Juice,” I now have another reason to visit Sodom-On-The-Bay (but I will remember to bring my woolies and London Fog W/liner) to take care of a typical June and July cool spell. BART is reputed to be the only local conveyance (bus) to have installed pot-bellied wood-burning stoves…or do they do that with the trains, too?

Cat Nap Revue

quiet enough
to hear a loquat
hit the ground

(“Failed Haiku,” Vol. 2, Issue 19, edited by Michael Rehling)

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“Sailorman’s Choice:…” Tanka 2065

(July 4, 2018)

Wave your classical

allusions past my plastic pen:

I’ll pick Popeye!


Jason after a goat-rug:

Popeye – and spinach – much more!*


  • (Olive Oyle? Need I say more?A Greek after a golden fleece hanging out for just how long on that dead tree in way past The Dardanelles or a little wiggly squiggly hanging out with a kid and a hamburger-promiser? You pick?)