“Culinary Habits”

(July 1, 2018)

salt watermelon

and pepper the musk melon:

yankees* add cream to grits!


  • ( I saw the barbaric practice of putting milk or cream on grits with a saving-grace pat of butter melting in the middle first at Infantry Training Regiment at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s Gamp Geiger – funny way to name a grunt training command for a Zoomie general until you realize the Florida native one-star saved a boatload of young riflemen from repeated headlong assaults on Peleliu in June of 1944 with the simple expedient of sending in another amphibious assault on the Japanese defenders’ mostly-wide open back side.  Some Marine battalion casualties in those terrible coral and volcanic ridges approached and exceeded sixty percent.  It takes – usually – 10 percent casualties for a unit to be considered combat ineffective. But back to cornmeal treated like farina or Wheatena(sp?) – I used to suffer through that northern breakfast hot cereal with a certain gracelessness that vexed my mother’s desire for me to know her mother’s breakfast cooking.  Why must people insist on giving me eggs almost ready to be hatched, or, just as bad, formed into a crumbly yellow ball without movement and crusty on the bottom?  I endured Parris Island boot camp breakfasts of attempted scrambled eggs – and mostly avoided after the first time – by breaking my fast with milk-n-cereal and pancakes and bacon or sausage – even if both the latter looked a lot limp and possibly only threatened with the heat of a range.  But consider this: put freshly ground black pepper on whole or halved strawberries, or even peeled and halved – or quartered – fresh or canned pears.  Adds a vanilla taste to the delicious treats.)

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